Monday, June 9, 2008

Hello old friend

I have missed thee.

The blog, I mean. And you, dear reader. After my long absence, returning to this familiar ground is quite a treat. For me. Sigh. Well, in the last few months I couldn't blog about knitting since well... I wasn't! But now I'm back in boring old America and with all its yarn and I'm back to my old crafty ways.

Speaking of which, I finished a long, old project. Any guesses which? Ah, but that is for another post! I'm so damn proud and happy it's DONE. Finally!

My long break from knitting and its ilk has made me uh... slightly ravenous for it? Observe my work station:

I have hijacked my mother's office. So my mother, while happy that I am home, is slightly disgruntled that I have taken her space. Though to be very technical, this used to be my room. She's only renting. In the picture, you can observe the sorted embroidery floss, the Fall 06 IK, some grey yarn, my laptop, a ruler, and a pair of scissors.

The cross stitch I'm working on is a bitch. I know I'm the yarn hugger, but here's a peek at the cross stitch project that's been owning me for the last two years.

I do love working on it, but I think this is one project I'll be REALLY glad to be done with.

And yes, there is knitting. The grey yarn in the picture above. Any guesses as to what it might be? No prizes for a correct guess. Here's a closer look:

Minimalist Cardigan! Recognize the yarn? It's the Rowan Cashsoft DK from my mom's "cardigan." I decided I wasn't quite ready for my debut as a sweater designer, so I frogged the hell out of the sleeves and cast on for this. My mom saw the pattern, okayed it, so I'm good to go. Think I can finish it in 20 days?

Yeah, me neither.

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